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All prices are given in Canadian Dollars.

Product Price
Fender '62 Vintage Custom Telecaster $2499.99  Foto
Fender 60's Jaguar Lacquer $1379.99  Foto
Fender American Professional Jazzmaster $1999.99  Foto
Fender American Professional Stratocaster $1899.99  Foto
Fender American Special Jazzmaster with Bigsby (Magnificent 7 Series) $1899.99  Foto
Fender American Special Stratocaster $1249.99  Foto
Fender American Standard Telecaster Natural $1819.99  Foto
Fender American Vintage Telecaster $2569.99  Foto
Fender Competition Mustang M.I.J. $1349.99  Foto
Fender Duo Sonic Offest in Capri Orange $679.99  Foto
Fender L.E. American Standard Strat (3-tone Metallic Sunburst w/Gold Pickguard) $1849.99  Foto
Fender L.E. American Standard Telecaster w/Painted Headcap (Ice Blue Metallic) $1899.99  Foto
Fender L.E. American Standard Telecaster w/Painted Headcap (Olympic White) $1899.99  Foto
Fender L.E. American Standard Telecaster w/Painted Headcap (Seafoam Green) $1899.99  Foto
Fender L.E. American Telecaster Rustic Ash $1748.99  Foto
Fender L.E. Strat-Tele Hybrid $2599.99
Fender Limited Edition American Elite Nashville Telecaster $2599.99
Fender Limited Edition Jazz Tele $2599.99
Fender Limited Edition Offset Telecaster Sunburst(NEW) $1899.99  Foto
Fender Limited Edition Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe $2599.99
Fender MIJ Blue/Pink Flower Strat $1499.99  Foto
Fender Offset American Telecaster (Magnificent 7 Series) $1899.99  Foto
Fender Player Jazzmaster $849.99
Fender Select Lite Ash Telecaster (Magnificent 7 Series) $2699.99  Foto
Fender Starcaster (Black) $949.99  Foto
Fender Telecaster Cognac Burst (Magnificent 7 Series) $2029.99  Foto
Gibson 1979 ES335 Pro $3800.00
Gibson Les Paul Traditional w/ Bigsby $1950.00
Gibson Used SG 2005 $1700.00
Gretsch Electromatic Double Jet G5441T $649.99
Gretsch Electromatic G5120 (Orange finish & Bigsby) $929.99  Foto
Gretsch Electromatic G5420T (Aspen Green) $1189.99  Foto
Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG $1249.99
Gretsch Electromatic Silver Jet $799.99  Foto
Gretsch G2420T Streamliner $739.99  Foto
Gretsch G2622T Streamliner $739.99  Foto
Gretsch G2655T Streamliner $739.99  Foto
Gretsch G6118T Player's Edition Anniversary $3395.99  Foto
Gretsch G6196T-59GE Vintage Select Country Club $4950.00  Foto
Gretsch Limited Edition Electromatic G5422TG $1299.99  Foto
Gretsch Player's Edition Jet FT $2999.99
Guild S-100 Polara $1299.99  Foto
Guild Starfire IV $1549.99  Foto
Hagstrom Deluxe Viking Deluxe (Flame Maple) $899.99  Foto
Hagstrom Select Ultra (Natural Quilted Maple) $599.99  Foto
Hagstrom Super Viking $979.99  Foto
Hagstrom Swede (Grey and Burgundy Finish) $749.99  Foto
Hagstrom Viking (Black Finish and Gold Hardware) $959.99
Hagstrom Vintage Viking 1972 $999.99
Squier Jagmaster Call for Price
Squier Lots in stock Call for Price  Foto
Vintage Icon series V6 stratocaster (black) $399.99
Vintage Icon series V6 stratocaster (red) $399.99
Vintage Icon series V6 stratocaster (sun burst) $399.99
Vintage Icon series V6 stratocaster (white) $399.99
Vintage V62 Ash Blonde Telecaster $399.99

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