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Gretsch Ukuleles Back in stock! (2017/08/18)
We finally have the Gretsch Standard Ukulele line back in stock! Come try them out, they're really great instruments.
Fender "Professional Series" Launch (2017/08/18)
Fender is launching a whole new line of American made guitars that will take the place of the Standard series. This is a totally different guitar-- New Models, New Colours, New Specs, and Upgraded Cases! New neck profile, New V-Mod Pickups, new bridges and Bone nut. We currently have a Professional Series Strat in stock-- come check it out!
RING TUMBLR!! - Click "News" (2017/08/18)
For the latest and most exciting new offerings from our store-- Check out our Tumblr under the "News" header of our site!
We are now stocking select pedals from a number of boutique companies. Check out our Tumblr (click the "news" link).
Just A Reminder... (2017/08/18)
Dear Friends of Ring Music, As most of you know, we are a modest shop with a proud selection. For urgent queries, we recommend you give us a call rather than email.

At Ring Music we offer broad range of accoustic and electric, vintage and new guitars from a host of manufacturers as well as great selection of different amplifiers and guitar accessories. Everything that meet the needs of any guitar player from hobbyist to professional.

This is our online catalog, here you can find a selection of the products we offer. This selection does not contain all of our products, but it should give you an overview of our standard product line and of our current special offers. In case you cannot find the product you're looking for or you would like to obtain more information, please feel free to contact us.

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