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NEW ARRIVALS: (2019/04/23)
New arrivals listed below and full inventory at the bottom of the page -- or click "News" to see our Tumblr page!
Instagram Account (2019/04/23)
Check out our new instagram account and give us a follow! This is where we will be uploading images of guitars for sale and news. @ringmusictoronto
Fender Strat-Tele Hybrid has ARRIVED! (2019/04/23)
Part of Fender's Parallel Universe Series--this totally unique, Limited Edition piece is definitely worth your consideration.
Vintage Epiphone FT-120 (2019/04/23)
"Made in Japan" is definitely what we like to see when it comes to affordable vintage Epiphones. This thing has hardly been played and it sounds great. $529.99
Vintage Harmony H162 (2019/04/23)
This time capsule piece looks like it’s brand new out of the box, ready for Elvis Presley to play. Brazillian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. Comes with a Hardshell case.
1947 Martin 0-17 (2019/04/23)
Wow! All solid mahogany. Has had a neck reset and fretwork– plays like a new guitar. All original hardware. Sounds timeless– perfect for a player or a collector. Comes with a deluxe TKL Hardshell Case.
Just A Reminder... (2019/04/23)
Dear Friends of Ring Music, As most of you know, we are a modest shop with a proud selection. For urgent queries, we recommend you give us a call rather than email.
Guitar blow out! (2019/04/23)
New old stock Vintage icon series V6's are priced to sell, starting at $399.99. Cleaning out the basement, we found some treasures!

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